About CG Sci-Fi

CG Sci-Fi is a new online 3D model store run by 3D Squirrel Ltd.   We create and sell digital 3D models for the CG Industry.  As a company, we have been established since 2012 and provide pre-made 3D assets for private and commercial projects.  We are a family business that understands the demands of CG Artist freelancers and studios alike.

We saw the potential for providing ranges of consistent quality assets.  With even tighter budgets and deadlines presets that can quickly populate a scene can be a real time saver.  It is difficult to find large enough asset ranges with consistent modelling, UV scaling and design and this often limits the scope of ambition a project can achieve with a short lead time.  Our mission is to bridge that gap and provide the foundation assets CG Artists and Directors can build upon with their own vision.

What we do

We produce dedicated sci-fi 3D models from props to full kits for the assembly of environments, vehicles and sets.  Our products are designed to aid CG Artists to generate scenes quickly saving a lot of time and money during the ideation and visualisation process.  However, these assets come with cleaned meshes and UV mapping that is packed and scaled so they can be textured or modelled further without adjustment or clean-up.  For AR and VR applications we also provide triangulated versions of the  3D models for quick import.

How we do it

All our asset ranges are now created in-house to provide dependable and consistent 3D models ready for import. Optional commercial licences are available in-store for studio purchases.  We are passionate and dedicated to providing the best, value for money sci-fi 3D assets we can.  As a company, we fully support all our ranges while delivering great budget-friendly pricing and loyalty points for significant discounts on your next purchase.  We hope you enjoy our brand-new website and find our products useful.

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