New Base Tower Range

This month we have created a new range of Base Towers to compliment our launch Base Block assets.  There are 50x Base Towers that will go perfectly with the Base Block models in both modelling scale but also the UV scaling (texel density).  If you purchased both ranges you would have 100 assets to populate a scene and only need one texture to quickly realise a rendered environment.  As before with the Base Block range, you can purchase any of the towers individually or as a kit.  There are two kits with 25 towers or the full kit of 50 towers, all available at a significant discount.

Design Consistency

Each tower has been designed to offer variety while complimenting the rest of the CG Sci-Fi ranges.  Each elevation has been considered to give good opportunities for further detailing with a mix of plain areas and panel fenestration that can go deep into the structure.  If you wanted to enhance the look of any tower with a glimpse of internal machinery, pipe or framework these towers offer many interesting cavities, nooks and crannies that will blend well with areas to rest your eye.

Tower Specifics

We aimed to keep the towers reasonably low poly so that large environments could be realised quickly but also to allow space for extra detailing when developing any of the towers further.  We’ve also tried to create a spread of tower volumes from tall, thin pencil shapes to lower, wider forms.  The Base Towers do have some new unique touches that make them stand out from the Base Blocks such as finer edge detailing and roof layering.

Get Creative

We have aimed to make combining our ranges as easy as possible to save you money and time.  One of our key aims at CG Sci-Fi is to make sure you get great value for money and that all our assets over deliver for their price tag.  We hope these new designs are a welcome addition to expand your 3D model collections.  Whether you purchase one 3D model or a full kit we’re sure they’ll get your next sci-fi environment off to a great start.

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