Comms Tower Masts and Antennas

We have just added a new kit pack Base Details Kit 02 to the CG Sci-Fi store containing fifteen exclusive 3D models only available on this website.  These fifteen new models can also be purchased separately if desired but you’ll find there is a huge saving to buying the pack.  These 3d models extend the Base Details range.  As with all our products they are provided with both the original and triangulated versions for compatibility with nearly any 3D application in .lxo (Modo), fbx (2018) and .obj (Wavefront) formats.

High Details

The pack contains fifteen communication 3D models in the form of towers, masts and antennas to help populate your sci-fi cityscape or environment.  Each 3D model is packed with design details and ideas that compliment the rest of the range and will lift any scene with some serious looking technical structures.  We have leveraged hard surface modelling to provide lots of details without creating too high a penalty on memory usage in a scene.

Power of the Pack

We have aimed to keep this pack focussed so you can tailor your purchase decisions based on your scenes concept.  If you need to populate your scene with masts and antennas this pack provides a lot of unique variations at a considerable cost saving.  We have also made sure they are all Atlas UV’ed and scale normalised to work immediately with the rest of the range.

Everything is Important.

We have aimed to make combining our ranges as easy as possible to save you money and time.  One of our key aims at CG Sci-Fi is to make sure you get great value for money and that all our assets over deliver for their price tag.  We hope these new base detail designs are a welcome addition to expand your 3D model asset collections.  Whether you purchase one 3D model or a full kit we’re sure they’ll get your next sci-fi environment supercharged with our simple downloadable assets, get started today.

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