Store Now Open

Our brand-new venture into the world of 3D models has begun, and we are thrilled to announce that our new Sci-Fi inspired asset store CG Sci-Fi is now open.

An initial collection of 50 Base Blocks is now available for you to buy providing the core construction modules for your next sci-fi environment or set design.  Ready to be purchased as single products or in a selection of packs that offer excellent value for money.  We have made it easy for you to select the licence option that best suits your needs, whether that be for personal or commercial use, at the time of purchase.


We understand that kit-bashing assets such as these will vastly reduce the time that it takes you to build your next environment, short-cutting days or even weeks of work.  Each 3D model has been carefully created with purposeful restraint to balance each design to fit into and provide consistency across all of our collections. We deliver excellent modelling and low distortion UV mapping so that your unique creation can be easily textured and detailed further without cleanup and time-wasting adjustments.

We aim to inspire confidence in our asset ranges so that you can continue to add further details from each new range we release.  Flexibility is the key, either work with what we provide or use them as the foundation for additional design work. We want you to be able to shortcut the considerable amount of time that you spend prepping your scene so that you can get straight to the new details you want to add.

In the Works

Soon we will be releasing some semi-hero assets and additional detailing blocks so that you can expand and expedite your creations.  We believe that this Base Block range, however, is the perfect foundation for you to explore ideas within a low poly setting and laying the groundwork for a complete project.  With all our range assets harmonising in both plain, detailed and UV layout you can quickly texture your scenes ready to render, then add further hero assets such as vehicles, to realise your vision.

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