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Prop Detail 0001

This 3D Model is part of our Sci-Fi inspired Base Detail range. Digitally 3D Modelled, UV mapped, cleaned and ready to go. An original and triangulated version is provided for compatibility with a wide range of 3D, AR and VR applications.  File formats included are .lxo .fbx .obj


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Personal projects licence only, strictly no commerical use.

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1x seat, unlimited commercial productions.

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This 3D model asset has been designed for easy import and modification.  Modelled, UV mapped, cleaned and ready to go.  For compatibility, you get an original and triangulated 3D model version included.  This will work with a wide range of 3D, AR and VR applications. UV’ed using a combination of Atlas mapping and manual unwrapping in key areas so you can use immediately or further refine.

This Base Detail asset is in its original form for easy modification.  You can use it as a preset for kit-bashing or just add further details after importing.  This asset is a real time saver when assembling a large scene.  One example of usage would be populating a scene using your 3D applications mesh instancing system rather than copy-pasting mesh data.  Great for adding further details to roof areas or enhancing any sci-fi scene, indoor or external.

All UV islands for this asset have been scaled to normalise them with the rest of the Base Detail range.  The UV’s also marry with all other ‘Base’ assets so the scale is already adjusted.  This is ideal for saving memory when developing games or busy scenes. File formats included for both original and triangulated versions are .lxo .fbx .obj


  • Ngons
  • Quads
  • Tris

3D Modelling

  • Cleaned 3D model mesh, no 2 point polygons, isolated vertices etc.
  • The 3D model base also has detailing for all-around visualization.
  • Ready to render or kit-bash etc. 3D modelled with ngons, quads and tris to allow for further detailing.
  • Triangulated version included for easy importing into most real-time applications.

UV Mapping

  • Atlas mapped with some manual unwrapping to minimise any distortion, including angled surfaces.
  • Packed and scaled using texel density tools.  You can use one texture without any further adjustments when matched with ‘Base’ assets.
  • None overlapping with some un-stitched and unwrapped stitched UV islands to minimise distortion and provide the best general experience for all users for this design style of 3D model.
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